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Chief Executive Officer

Md Silmi Abd Rahman specializes in the development and promotion of trade and industry domestically and internationally, where his industry expertise included aerospace & defence, rail & maritime, transport, logistics, and digital trade.

Being instrumental in setting up MATRADE, Md Silmi has 30 years of vast experience in establishing international networks and paving the global footprint for Malaysian companies. Under MATRADE he served as Trade Commissioner in Germany for 6 years overseeing the Western and Eastern European markets. Throughout his career at MATRADE, Md Silmi was pivotal in developing Bumiputra development programs, including collaborations with MARA, SME Corp, SME Bank, and TERAJU itself.

Prior to joining TERAJU, Md Silmi was appointed as Advisor to the Malaysia Aerospace Industry Association.

Senior Director of Entrepreneurship & Business Development

Megat Mohd Yatim bin Megat Hamid was a partner in a consulting firm before joining TERAJU as Senior Director of Business / Entrepreneur Development. Has over 23 years experience in the banking industry.

Senior Director of Corporate Services

Norfaazah Bashir was the Head of Corporate Services before joining TERAJU as a Senior Director of Corporate Services. She has over 20 years experience in planning and corporate communications.

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