Preparing Bumiputera Companies for the Big Leagues

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Large enterprise looking for good Bumiputera SMEs to cooperate with can turn to TERAJU for help. The companies are identified through the High Performing Bumiputera Companies (TERAS) programme launched in July 2011.

TERAJU Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Husni Salleh said that this initiative helps to create a culture of cooperation between the bigger and smaller players. Dato’ Husni also emphasized that Bumiputera companies should leverage Malaysia’s natural resources and involve in value-added activities as these areas command the highest margins. There is a need to restructure the composition of Bumiputera companies and push them into new areas such as green technology and biotechnology. In the face of market competition, Bumiputera companies are encouraged to invest in capacity and capability building.

2016 Hakcipta Terpelihara. Unit Peneraju Agenda Bumiputera.

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