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TERAJU, Unit Peneraju Agenda Bumiputera, was established in 2011 by the Prime Minister’s Department as a strategic unit to spearhead progress through meaningful, resilient and sustainable Bumiputera economic participation.

TERAJU, is anchored on five key thrusts under the Bumiputera Economic Transformation Roadmap 2.0 – strengthening human capital, promoting higher value employment and income, increasing Bumiputera share and value of corporate equity, strengthening entrepreneurship, and increasing ownership of non-financial assets.

In addition to economic transformation, TERAJU has the role of ensuring that the ideals in education, health, social and culture, living environment, and Bumiputera stature are lifted to greater heights, and weaved into Malaysia’s plural social fabric through Transformasi Kesejahteraan Bumiputera (Bumiputera Wellbeing Transformation).

As at August 2019, TERAJU has recorded RM146.32 billion in total value created for the Bumiputera, assisted with RM14.79 billion in private investments through its facilitation fund, and registered RM10.07 billion in market capitalisation from listing emerging Bumiputera companies on the Bursa Malaysia.

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