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Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera (Yayasan Peneraju) is an initiative under the Bumiputera Economic Transformation Programme launched through Unit Peneraju Agenda Bumiputera (TERAJU) under the Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister’s Department that focuses on the strengthening of Bumiputera’s capacity building through academic (Peneraju Tunas), vocational education (Peneraju Skil) and professional certification (Peneraju Profesional) in line with Malaysia’s vision to achieve high income status by 2020 as well as to ensure that the capabilities and expertise of Bumiputera will continue to develop competitively at the global level.

Yayasan Peneraju intervention programmes (short and long term) include:

Peneraju Tunas
An education funding programme for high potential primary and secondary level education students from low income household (below RM4,000) and challenging background to gain access to quality education.

Peneraju Skil 
Skill and technical development funding programme for up-skilling of vocational and technical skill towards international and/or industry recognition. This programme has two segments, namely Peneraju Skil Iltizam (non academically inclined youths) and Peneraju Skil (skilled workers) in various industries such as financial services, business services, electrical and eletronics, communicarion contents and infrustructure, healthcare, tourism, logistics, and energy, oil and gas,

Peneraju Profesional
Development funding programme for licensing, professional and specialist certifications in various industries such as accounting, finance, engineering and more.

For further information on Yayasan Peneraju, please log on to www.yayasanpeneraju.com.my or get pushed updates by following us on www.facebook.com/yayasanpeneraju

Sponsored by Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera from 2012 until November 2018
(Peneraju Tunas) primary and secondary school students from low-income families, households and challenging environment
(Peneraju Skil) Students follow a skills development training to industry and international recognition stage

(Peneraju Profesional) Pelajar dapat pembiayaan persijilan profesional dan spesialis bidang perakaunan dan kewangan

* Achievement up to March 2019

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